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Descrição: WARNING: the video you are about to watch contains graphic adult content. What you see happening here is between consenting adults. In fact, our 19 year old Cami is the one who asks for rough sex. Again and again. Don't try any of this with anyone unless they too are kinky like Cami. Don't slap 'em, don't deep throat 'em, don't fishhook 'em, don't make them lick your ass, don't make them slurp your cum...unless they are crazy like this girl and WANT to. Cami does. Cami will shock you. She looks all innocent, what with her braces and adorable smile and all. But Cami is probably one of the most hardcore girls we've seen here. Not five minutes in the car with Jay and she's gobbling down his cock, deep-throating herself (!). She made it clear that she loves rough sex and be told what to do. Jay takes advantage of that for the rest of the day. After some intense roadhead, Jay makes Cami fuck him in the parking lot. At that point he's still testing the waters with her. Cami's pussy is creaming up from the excitement and she can't wait to take it to the next level, as she says. Cami goes through her cleansing ritual in the hotel bathroom (brushes her teeth, does her hair) while Jay asks her more intimate questions. After all that you will know everything you'd want to know about this girl and are ready to watch her get thoroughly exploited. Once on the bed it's time for Cami to show off her perfect little body and get her titties slapped and her ass gnawed on. Hey, she likes that stuff. Her soaking wet pussy is proof of that. Jay gets Cami off with his magic hands, and you'll probably need to turn the volume down at that point. When Cami cums, it's LOUD. Her entire body shakes, she does that thing with her legs that makes the bed vibrate so she can cum harder, and she screams and moans throughout her orgasms. We get great closeups of her pussy which literally oozes with girl juices. And Cami squirts a little sometimes when she cums, so watch out for that. Stepping up the kink factor, Cami brought her own set of sex toys from home. I kid you not. Jay uses this one weird looking egg-thing on her, which looks huge and like it would hurt. It probably does but Cami practically cums the second he puts it inside her pussy. Watch her eyes roll back and her body shake and quiver as she cums again and again. She is surprised when she cums once again with a finger in her ass. Glad she learned something about herself LOL. So that's for those of you who enjoy watching a teen girl orgasm. There is plenty of that, it's loud, and very very visual. Next up it's hardcore time: Cami deep-throats herself (okay, Jay "helps" LOL) on Jay's cock until she tears up - and she keeps going. It's so fucking magical that I play the footage from all 3 cameras back to back without interruptions or cuts. Just back to back deepthroating goodness, with tears and strands of spit and all the good stuff. You'll love it. Only some of you will love what comes next though, so I warn you now: Jay makes Cami lick his ass, and she goes deep, if ya know what I mean. For rimjob fans, this is heaven. Once again repeated from all 3 camera angles. Cami loves being treated like a dirty slut. Next up Cami gets fucked harder than she has ever been nailed in her life. Jay fucks her like a maniac and she keeps asking for more. He slaps her tits, puts his hands on her mouth when she screams too loud (even she's shocked there for a moment!), and he fishhooks her during what's supposed to be doggy style but what I consider an assault from the back. Heavy, hot and very energetic. But these two just keep on going. There's so much more, but I'll stop here, you'll see all that anyway in a minute. I do love the cumshot though: Jay shoots his big load straight in her mouth, Cami keeps his sperm in her mouth, then lets some of it drip out in a big wad...then she catches it with her hand and lifts the whole mess up to her mouth and swallows the entire load. The girl is 19! You'll pop your load when you see this, especially since it's repeated from all 3 camera angles and then again in slow-motion. Don't miss a drop, literally. Haha. Enough from me. Cami's video will keep you entertained for a long time - so start downloading now! Enjoy!

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