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Descrição: Get ready to fall in love. Or lust. Either way, 19 year old NAU cutie Tay will rock your week, guaranteed. We like to treat the young ladies like movie stars so we have our professional make-up guy do his magic on Tay. At the same time, Jay flirts and throws sexual topics at Tay right away to test her comfort level. She takes the bait and we realize our girl is comfortable talking about sex, even about the kinkier stuff. Her religious sister wouldn't approve, she tells us, but other than that Tay is more than just a little excited to start her porn career today. After some good-natured blashphemy (you'll see), Tay gets to select her outfit. Not that it matters because clothes come off about five seconds into the shoot, but it makes the girls feel good if we show that we care about that stuff, ya know? Jay then dares our blonde babe to pee on camera, which isn't something Tay ever expected to do. Welcome to porn, honey. She covers her face in embarrassment as she relieves herself. So cute. Wasn't THAT bad, she says. Let's see how far Jay can push her for the rest of the shoot, shall we? Well, to be fair, Tay pushes him as much as he does her. SHE is the one asking him to slap her ass during doggy and fuck her harder. It's almost bizarre to hear this innocent looking 19 year old say these things, but it's so hot, too. But I'm getting ahead of myself, first we have our obligatory interview session (how she lost her virginity, her first lesbian experience, and all that good stuff), we have to overcome her shyness by getting her naked and self-assured, and then we make her cum. That one's pretty easy with Tay. She likes the Jayman but LOVES the Rabbit vibrator. Loves it. Watch her cum from all angles and cum with her. That's what I do. But safe some strength for Tay's super hot blowjob (those eyes!). Jay then talks her into a rimjob but that doesn't go over too well. She hesitatingly licks his nether region a bit but inches her way back up to his cock. Sucking him off is just more her thing. Sex with Tay is intense - she likes it rough. It's not everyday that you can fuck a girl hard and choke her, and she gets off on it. Doggy is even more intense, there's ass slapping, hair pulling, and lots of dirty talk. Tay loves to fuck and the two have some serious chemistry. There's even some kissing. Tay keeps up her sunny disposition even after Jay covers her pretty face with his bucket load of sperm. "It was more fun than I thought it was gonna be!", Tay exclaims as she wipes her cum covered face clean at the end. And I think she's telling the truth - you can tell she loves getting fucked on camera. I believe (okay, I hope) she'll be back, either on ECG or somewhere else. The girl is just too sex crazy to not keep doing this. It would be a sin to deprive the world of this girl. Even if her sister disagrees. - Steve

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