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Descrição: I just love being so rich! it's so wonderful being part of the justice fur league and having millions of dollars at my disposal. jessica justice and i have worked so hard for all the riches and money we have acquired. soon we will be taking over every fur company on this earth. we will be importing the wildest and most exotic of beasts. the rare ausacian dalmation and the arctic jaguar are going to be a part of the justice league collection. just you wait for the new fur fashion show, it's going to be amazing. we also have cougar puppy fur that will be ready by mid july, perfect to make into christmas coats for every gorgeous woman to be wearing. that sophie diamond won't know what hit her when our new fall line comes out. now where is that jessica justice? i've been waiting and that girl is always late. it's just so good to be queen cruella, so good to be filthy rich, dripping in diamonds and furs. at this point the fur clad sophie diamond enters and disputes cruella's claim that she is the richest woman in the world, claiming that title for herself. sophie make it rain with a stack of cash as cruella cackles in the background. the two fur divas trade compliments as cruella laments the fact that jessica justice is late for their meeting. the two fur divas continue arguing about who is the richest woman in the world when cruella tosses sophie on the bed and a full on cat fight ensues. the fur divas wrestle, fondle, and taunt each other verbally for a few minutes, cruella even tries to stuff a wad of money in sophie's mouth, and sophie returns the favor as money is lying around everywhere. next a full on pillow fight begins with the divas threatening to ruin each other. cruella eventually offers up a truce as she is about to snap sophie's leg. sophie accepts the truce. the two ladies decide to join their riches and gloat about how much richer they will be in no time.  

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