Clips 4 Sale - Essie Tricked Into A Gunging

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Descrição: Essie is back and her boyfriend's sister as caught her cheating! she's promised to keep it a secret if essie makes a humiliating video of her getting covered in custard! essie has reluctantly accepted and has brought along 5 huge cartons of custard and wastes no time pouring the first over her favourite orange blouse, much to her disgust!essie soon moves on to pouring the custard all over her head, covering her long blonde hair. she then covers her face, hating every second of the messy humiliation she's enduring, despising how much her boyfriend's sister will be loving seeing it! after all 5 cartons, essie is covered from head to toe, even rubbing in the sticky mess all over her body, just glad her secret is safe, even if it did mean a very messy humiliation!

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