Clips 4 Sale - Corralling a cowboy (720)

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Descrição: Brokeback mountain boys aren't sissy enough for dommes…   nope, they want their sissies to take it up the a$$ while lying on their stomach!   after seeing a vagrant cowboy practicing milking while kneeling, sorceress morgana soles and kitty quinn invite him into their bedroom. they figure he prefers to be a taker than a giver.   and they are more than willing to oblige: with a humongous blue dildo attached to their strap-on!!   taking turns they make this cowboy sissy feel like a girl inside and out until they make him cum. yep, it's the most emasculating ejaculation of his existence and a sexual conquest that adds to the female supremacy of morgana and kitty!!!   you can create your own custom fantasy with morgana by emailing us today!

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