Pervs on Patrol - For The Love of Jordy

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Descrição: My new stepsister Jordy Love woke me up one afternoon, talking about me to one of her friends. She was in my room complaining about how lazy I was and I thought she was being rude as fuck! What's her problem anyways? Why does she care if I sleep in? So, then I started to watch Jordy to see how she would like it if I just followed her around all day. My stepsister teased me by stretching out her sexy and fit body by doing some yoga in the living room. Then, once she was all hot and sweaty, this busty ebony beauty went into the shower. I decided to peek in on her and after a while she caught me staring! I thought she was going to chew me out some more, but to my surprise this busty babe was just hungry for my cock to suck and fuck! After today, I'm happy to say that Jordy Love and I get along real fucking well!

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