Clips 4 Sale - REF2494 - PAISLEY PRINCE vs PEYTON

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Descrição: This is an unedited shoot, from one of our latest shootings. in the future (it can be weeks, it can be months) this match will be released as a regular video, but you can be the first one to see this match right now, still unedited, instead of waiting weeks or even months that we release it, fully edited, as a regular video. buy this match now!   a staredown followed their pre-match presentations, on which you’ll see their breasts together, nipples touching each other. shortly after the match started, paisley went for a standing headscissors, with her pussy pressed against peyton’s face, passing an unspoken message: this is how i smell fresh. later you’ll see how i smell wet and dirty! then paisley increased the domination and humiliation by applying one of peyton’s signature holds: a choke using both feet and the butt cheek on the victim’s face! this was just the beginning of a match completely dominated by paisley, who used a wide variety of holds such as chokes with the arms, reverse headlocks, face sittings (several positions), figure four headscissors (you’ll love seeing peyton’s face completely distorted!), headscissors with face against the pussy, breasts grabs, hand smothers, chokes with peyton’s own arms, arm locks and figure four leg locks. peyton is not used to be dominated, which made paisley feel even more excited, taunting and teasing peyton while dominating her. “it seems you’re enjoying this” said peyton. “of course i am “replied paisley. when she could take no more pain, peyton conceded the entire match, but paisley tormented her with another hold making peyton to cry out loud again that she concedes the match. then paisley stopped the physical domination and mounted peyton’s face, rubbing and grinding her wet and smelly pussy on peyton’s mouth and nose. paisley’s excitement went on crescendo, and eventually achieved one of the most intense orgasms of her life on peyton’s face! you must see now this scorching hot domination match, between two good friends, who just took their friendship to another level!

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