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Descrição: This is an unedited shoot, from one of our latest shootings. in the future (it can be weeks, it can be months) this match will be released as a regular video, but you can be the first one to see this match right now, still unedited, instead of waiting weeks or even months that we release it, fully edited, as a regular video. buy this match now!   rapunzel, from uk and princess nikki, from hungary, started to present themselves, before going for an intense staredown, during which the experienced blonde clearly tried to intimidate her english opponent. shortly after the match started, princess nikki scored the first point, with a choke with one leg only, a seldom seen move, that is not only very painful but also very dominant. the unspoken message was clear: i’m not here just to beat you. i’m here to dominate and humiliate you, bitch! rapunzel is a good looking (her long braid looks amazing!), tough woman, used to cope with a lot of pain, so she didn’t let herself be intimated by princess nikki’s attitude and replied in style, making the feisty blonde submit to a choke with the arms, on which rapunzel also used her long braid to apply even more pressure on nikki’s delicate throat. what a fantastic response from rapunzel to nikki’s previous vexation! not happy with just equalizing the match, rapunzel went on attack again and scored the second point, with another great hold: an arm lock that inflicted a lot of pain on princess nikki! therefore, certainly against everything that the blonde had planned, after this feisty start of the match, it was her strong opponent who was on the lead by two points to one. the match progressed with lots of attacks, counter attacks and escapes. it was fought at fast pace, with the girls attacking each other right after each submission, leaving her opponent absolutely no time to recover. find out now which one prevailed, in this exhilarating match filled with painful holds, that lead to lots of submissions!

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